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After you and your husband perform a fertility assessment, it's time to start considering your treatment options. Use drugs that stimulate egg or sperm production, but treatments may also include surgical interventions, lifestyle changes, weight loss, and others. The good news is that most couples dealing with infertility are take care with low complexity. Less than 15% are made up of more advanced techniques such as IVF. See procedures available and performed by Neo Vita.

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About Neovita

About Neovita

Individual attendance and dedication

Neo Vita comes from a meeting of doctors and friends who share the same ideal: personalized service and total dedication to patients.

Focused on reproductive health, a Neo Vita presents as specialties Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis, Urology, Andrology, Gynecology and Human Reproduction. Our clinical staff is made up of professionals with undergraduate and graduate degrees in centers of excellence in Brazil and around the world. We Constantly keeps our professionals attending courses, congresses and symposiums in national and international territory

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